▶ VD-9600WHG/B


▶ VD-9500H


▶ VD-1600HD


▶ VD-9000FHD


▶ VD-8000HDS


▶ VD-7000W


▶ VD-5000W


▶ VD-3000


▶ VD-1500MG/MB


▶ VD-1500G/B


Exceptionally Designed with
High Performance

2.4” Color Wide View LCD

Clear Full HD Color CMOS Digital Camera

Simple to use Integrated Controls

Easy to Understand Configuration Options


1920X1080 FHD Vivid Image

Video Quality Enhancement Support

High Capacity SD Memory Card (~64G)

Automatic Switching to Parking Mode

Automatic shut down before Battery Discharge

Built-in GPS Module (Sirf Ⅳ)

Motion Detection


Built-in 3G Shock Sensor

Voice Guidance

One Touch Audio Recording

Multi-function Analysis Software

Password Access

Image Enhancement

Partial Enlargement
Enlarging scenes so that you can analyze
it precisely.


Sharpness Control
Supporting better analysis with more vivid images.


Brightness Control
Supporting better analysis with brighter controller.

Image revision
Ordinary video record
  • Recording automatically starts when the user starts up the car engine while booting the main system of the product. Recording and storing continue until the car engine stops. (Recordable time is different up to acpacity of the storage media)
Recording Event Videos
  • Images shall immediately begin being recorded and stored from a certain time before the accident to a certain time after the accident since an impact sensor automatically senses the impact( if a car accident occurs) while driving.
Storing images manually
  • Images instantly can be recorded and stored to the event folder when the driver presses the urgent (SHOT) button despite no accidents. 
Storing location information
  • It records and stores GPS information such as location, time, speed, direction and so on at the time of the accident. 
Storing car acceleration information
  • It stores records of the vibration status of front and back, right and left and top and bottom of sudden acceleration, sudden stop and sudden spin while driving. 
Accident data play
  • The recorded scenes of the accident can be played on the LCD of VisionDrive after the event.
Voice guidance
  • Voice guidance is provided as applied by the user.
Audio recording
  • Recording voice and sound can be on or off by the user’s request, by holding down the Shot button for over 3 seconds. 
Accident data analysis
  • Video of the accident can be played with the GPS info, map location and car acceleration. Easy software is supplied to set and implement multiple features such as forward play, frame based play and image format conversion (AVI). 
Video playback brightness control feature
  • In the case, the recording is too dark during video playback on your PC, the brightness control feature can be used to review and analyze more accurately.
File encryption feature
  • Encryption feature is included for user’s privacy. Video in the Vision Drive only can be played on VD Analyzer Software after the user inputs the correct passkey/lock.