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▶ VD-1500G/B


Installation Precautions

For safe installation and operation, carefully read all the information stated below.

  • DO NOT disconnect the power supply while the system is booting up for start or update.

  • Please keep it in mine that the product can be off for a short period of time during start-up.

  • - It is recommended to use only authorized SD cards provided with the VisionDrive® product.

    - Only install the product after parking the vehicle in a bright and safe area.

    - Make sure that you start installation with the power source completely turned off. The power connection should be the last step of the installation.

    - Use the power cable provided with the product for the cigarette lighter power connection in the range of DC12V to DC24V. If power wiring is involved, we recommend a professional service for the installation.

    - Prior to the installation, clean the area of the installation where the camera will be positioned.

    - DO NOT eject the SD card when the product is in operation or when starting/booting up.

    - DO NOT attempt to disassemble, modify or repair the product yourself in any way.

Installation procedure
1. Assemble the bracket with the main body

1. Assemble the bracket with the main body- Assemble the mounting bracket with the main unit and push it to the direction 1 to secure the lock. You will hear a solid click sound when the main unit is locked to the attachment bracket.

- Move the bracket to direction 2 to release the bracket.

2. Insert SD card into the unit
2.	Insert SD card into the unit

- Insert the SD card as shown in the picture.

- When ejecting the SD card from the unit, turn off the main power completely and wait for all indicator lights to go out and then push in the SD card. The SD card will pop out when pushed in.
Use of force or other methods to eject the SD card may defect the SD card or damage the recorder.

3. Connect cable and attach on windshield
3.	Connect cable and attach on windshield

- Clean the area on the windshield where the unit will be installed.

- For the placement of the unit, it is better to place the unit closer to the center of the vehicle. If the unit is installed on the right or left side of the rear view mirror, ensure there is room to detach the unit if needed via the sliding action. Also check that the installation does not affect normal viewing angle adjustment for the rear view mirror.

- The adhesive on the bracket is very strong. Partially remove the cover of the adhesive area and then use the full adhesive surface area for final installation.

- When you are comfortable with the installation position, fully attach the recorder bracket to the screen.

- Connect cigarette lighter power adapter as the last stage of installation.

4. Connect to power source to turn on the product

4.	Connect to power source to turn on the product

- Insert the cigarette lighter power adapter into an appropriate outlet.
If you start up the car or place the car key to ACC, the product will commence booting up with voice announcement.

- Blinking of LED lamps notifies that the system booting has succeeded.

- DO NOT turn off the power source while the system start-up is in progress as this may cause damage to the product.

5. Adjust the camera angle
5.	Adjust the camera angle

- Move the camera top to bottom to fix it to the best position.

- The recording view can be checked on LCD screen.
(Please touch the LCD screen in order to switch between front and rear camera in installations where the second optional camera is present).

- For better images and operation of the analysis program, ensure that over 1/2 of the vehicle hood/bonnet area is included in the recorded data.

When the unit is attached, set the camera to face the front direction of the vehicle.

- When the unit is installed, set the camera lens to face the front direction of the vehicle.

Camera is adjustable and can be rotated 65 degrees to cover desired recording areas.

- Rotatable camera is adjustable up to 65 degrees.
The camera is tightly fixed to prevent random movement by slight vibration so apply enough force to adjust the angle of the camera.


6. Check LED lamps
6.	Check LED lamps

- The REC lamp is blue when the unit is recording (NORMAL) files and red when recording an (EVENT) file after an impact or if the SHOT button has been activated.

- The status of voice recording can be changed Menu> System Settings> Voice Recording ON / OFF. If Voice Recording is disabled then the VOICE lamp will turn off from the normal blue state.

- The GPS lamp is red when the GPS signal is not received and blue when it is received okay.

- It may take a couple of seconds to several minutes to get the GPS signal depending on the location of your vehicle and movement of the recorder in an unpowered state.


7. Arrange wires using wire holders
7.	Arrange wires using wire holders<

- Use the enclosed cable holders to organize cables.

*Connect the optional second camera

*Connect the optional second camera

- The optional camera can be used by being connected to CAM IN port.  Please power off the main unit before connecting the second camera to the CAM IN port.